You Are A Rose In A Love Letter


This mini photobook is dedicated to STAGE PHOTOS of Zihan Jin, featuring a collection of beautiful A5-sized images.




The design concept is inspired by the idea of a love letter containing a rose, or floating in the 8mm void of your island with poetry. The book showcases a mythological world where the creation of the universe and love are intertwined, painted in lush shades of rose. The thorns represent the poetry of dusk and dewdrops, while the void between particles is the embodiment of weather discourse. The colors of still objects are exposed in a pattern of light and shadow, conveying the message of love.

With a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the glass cover of the photobook presents the spine of a rose, with the breath of fresh air giving birth to new life, blending, burning, and shining. Whether you’re a fan of Jin Zihan or just looking for a stunning photobook, our mini photobook is the perfect choice.


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