One-Way Ticket


Measuring B5 in size, this photobook is made using high-quality Korean art paper and features a meticulously crafted thread binding.



The design concept is inspired by the romanticism of June, a season meant for flipping through pages with your own hands. The photobook captures the essence of the day, which is consumed by random events while the train rushes through the darkness, making its way through a sea of flickering lights.

As the light taps on the door, the train stops at the hot and humid cities of the south, with the tide rising and the temperature soaring. The destination on the ticket is blurry and indistinct, waiting to be written down in sweat. However, a rose appears at the end of the tunnel, revealing a wall that can be overcome, and you hold your train ticket tightly.

The photobook is a visual representation of this beautiful journey, with every page carefully designed to showcase the beauty of Jin Zihan. The photobook is a must-have for all fans and anyone who appreciates beautiful photography.


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